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About Us

Who we are

Rent on Time is a dedicated team of property specialists set out to make the process of owning and managing a rental property easier and more profitable.

Our Philosophy

Rent on Time was created on the notion that that property management should be done differently. Managing rentals should be a valued service instead of an afterthought.

Our Commitment

We prioritise the timely disbursement of rental payments to landlords. Our dedicated team are committed to ensuring we are a reliable partner for landlords seeking dependable and punctual rental income.

One price

Higher value properties shouldn't incur higher management charges when the work required is no different. At Rent On Time all of our landlords pay the exact same fixed fee.

Taking the uncertainty out of Fees

Full-service, low fee property management for just $25 per week with a dedicated property manager.

  •  Fixed Fee - Just $25 per week
  •  Quality Managers - Property managers who care
  •  Good Tenants - Renters vetted and approved
  •  Quality Maintenance - Accountable and Straightforward

Taking the uncertainty out of Rent

We meticulously select only the most reliable and responsible tenants to ensure your property is treated with the utmost care and you derive the maximum benefit from your investment.

  •   Timely Payments - Predictable income for property owners.
  •  Reliable Renters – Don't settle for delinquent tenants.
  •  Low Vacancy – We quickly find the best tenant for your property
  •  Rent Increases – To keep up with a changing market